Grounds for Divorce in Texas

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There are “fault” grounds for divorce and “no-fault” grounds for divorce in Texas.
The Family Code defines the “no-fault” basis as “insupportability”, and, defines it as meaning a conflict of personalities that destroys the marriage relationship.

Most divorces are filed on the basis of insupportability.
However, adultery, cruelty, abandonment, conviction of a felony, living apart, and other reasons for divorce are recognized in the Family Code.

“No-Fault divorce” in Texas was intended to reduce the animosity associated with the divorce process. The change in statutory language, however, could not remove the intense personal emotions associated with the break up of a marriage. Even though the Family Code language of “insupportability” and “discord and conflict of personalities” is included in divorce petitions, there is often an element of blame that surfaces during the divorce process.

Texas law still recognizes “fault” grounds for divorce such as cruel treatment, abandonment, adultery and several others. For more detailed information click “General Divorce Information ” or use our DIVORCE 101 call-in service.

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Various Approaches to Divorce

There are many aspects to divorce cases. In short, no two are alike in terms of the facts, the personalities of the parties, the issues that cause conflict, or the best alternatives for resolution.

The vast majority of divorce suits are settled without a trial. Therefore, from a client’s perspective, it is very important to minimize the cost, loss of time and psychological trauma associated with bringing the case to a close. Depending on the complexity of the issues involved and the attitudes of the parties, alternatives that are less expensive than litigation may be utilized to resolve matters, including negotiations through the attorneys, collaborative law divorce, divorce mediation and arbitration. Of course, there are some cases that simply cannot be settled without a decision being made by a judge or jury.

At WMM, every effort is made to conclude cases without incurring the losses associated with a trial. However, if a trial is required, the WMM lawyers and staff will properly prepare the case for presentation in the courthouse and effectively deliver the pertinent data to the court on behalf of the client.

Sensitive Resolutions

Because the choices made during the course of a family law case will affect you and your family for years to come, it is important to fully and clearly understand your options. The lawyer who represents you should carefully listen to your concerns, help you define your objectives, assist you in examining your alternatives, and provide you with practical legal advice tailored to fit your situation. That approach will enable you to make sound decisions concerning the issues that are critical from your point of view.

The lawyers and staff of Woods & Matlock are committed to representing their clients in a fashion that moves the case along as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, consistent with the client’s objectives.

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