Child Custody

In Texas, the term “conservatorship” is used instead of “custody.” The Family Code assumes that the parents of a child should be appointed as “joint managing conservators.” Under certain circumstances, the court might appoint one parent as the “sole managing conservator” of the child and the other parent as the “possessory conservator” of the child. Child Custody in Frisco, McKinney, and Dallas, TX can be a rough subject – Let us help!

Joint Managing Conservator

Designation as a joint managing conservator means a parent has some decision making authority with respect to the child. There are a number of rights that may be allocated to one parent or shared between parents. The most important rights a parent may be granted are the authority to select where the child will live, what school the child will attend, and what persons will provide health care for the child. In addition to those rights, one or both parents may have the authority to consent to underage marriage or enlistment in the armed services, to represent the child in legal proceedings, and other rights.

Child Custody

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