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Unfortunately, family strife can lead to physical confrontations and injuries.  Domestic violence creates huge problems for children as well as adults.

District Attorneys have authority to file family violence protective order cases on behalf of parties who lodge a complaint with their offices. Abused persons can seek the help of the District Attorney’s office at no cost to themselves. However, pursuing a complaint with the DA often takes time and may leave a person in limbo while waiting for the court process to be initiated.

Family Violence Protective Order

A person may ask for a family violence protective order in conjunction with a divorce. Doing so requires the victim to sign an affidavit outlining specifically what has occurred and what injuries have been suffered or what threats have been made by the other party. If the judge believes there is a serious threat of harm, an order can be entered immediately instructing the other party to stay away from the victim and report to the court on a certain date for a hearing. At the hearing, the judge may decide to continue the order in effect or modify it so as to protect the victim.

Being aware that a person is capable of physical violence is the necessary first step. Understanding what triggers violence in a particular person and what to do to protect oneself when it occurs are of utmost importance. People in volatile relationships must have an escape plan for themselves and their children.

Detailed information is available on our “Domestic Violence Escape Plan” page.

Family Law Attorneys

At Woods & Matlock, our family law attorneys, have a wealth of experience, offer a full scope of legal services in all aspects of domestic violence, and are dedicated to ensuring that victims have full protection of the law.

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