Enforcement of Court Orders

As the saying goes, the world is a smaller place than it used to be. In this country and other parts of the world, people are much more mobile than in past decades. Business commitments frequently require people to move from one area to another, sometimes even to different countries. When that occurs with divorced parents, it often creates significant conflict and hardship.

Most states, including Texas, have statutes that allow parents who were divorced in other states to register and enforce their divorce orders in Texas. Under certain circumstances, orders from another state can be modified by a Texas court.

The Hague Convention is an international treaty intended to assist a parent recover children who are unlawfully withheld by the other parent and taken to another country. Not all countries have agreed to participate in the Hague Convention, and the process is often slow and expensive; however, it is a potential remedy for situations that used to be hopeless.

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