Having a knowledgeable family lawyer for child custody McKinney TX cases working on your behalf is important to the successful outcome of your case. This is as pursuing cases under the family law umbrella can get tricky and complicated without the proper legal support. Add to this the fact that child custody cases can often follow high tension circumstances such as a divorce (where emotions tend to run high and objectivity is often lacking), and you can begin to quickly see why having the services of a family lawyer is crucial. It helps a great deal to have a trained family lawyer in the midst to be objective, properly interpret the not so black and white areas in law, and secure a successful outcome.

Child Custody Cases: Many Avenues to a Solution

Many people automatically think of litigation when considering how to go about a child custody case. However, litigation is not necessarily the best option in child custody cases, and should not be considered first. There are far more amicable, perhaps mutually beneficial, and certainly comparatively inexpensive avenues to consider. Such avenues include:

– Mediation and arbitration


– Collaborative law

Among others

The Best Family Lawyer for Child Custody Mckinney TX Cases

Woods & Matlock, P.C., is a family law firm with over 75 years of experience that can help walk you through some of the alternatives listed above (among others), and help you secure the best results in your child custody case. For the lawyers at Woods & Matlock, P.C., litigation is indeed the last resort. They first pursue your case from a posture of negotiation, mediation and finding amicable solutions. Your case with Woods & Matlock, P.C., begins with an all-important consultation, designed to ascertain all the details associated with your case. From there, solutions are put forward to meet the unique circumstances of your case, as no two child custody cases are ever exactly alike. Should litigation be the necessary choice however, Woods & Matlock, P.C., is also able to successfully pursue this option on your behalf and secure a positive outcome.