The job of a family law attorney is to handle legal issues as they relate to domestic circumstances. This branch of the legal system falls into the civil category, and primarily centers on divorce, child custody, parental concerns, marital disputes, and the protection of children. Family lawyers guide clients through the legal system and assist them to resolve their specific problems. When searching for a family law attorney child custody Frisco TX residents should make their selection with care.

Divorce and Child Custody Issues

The dissolution of a marriage is an issue in which most family law attorneys specialize. In most divorce cases, legal professionals typically begin by determining the reason the client is seeking a divorce, and then draft the proper petition. The appropriate paperwork is then filed with the clerk of court, and a date is set for a hearing.

If the couple has children, mediation may be scheduled during which child support or alimony may be discussed. If the couple is in disagreement concerning custody and visitation, each party’s lawyer must negotiate. In some cases, if negotiations fail, a judge is called upon to make a decision concerning which parent should receive full custody or to create a joint custody arrangement for the family.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

It is not difficult to see why it is unwise to proceed without legal representation when filing for divorce or suing for child custody. Although domestic legal problems may at first seem simple, there are many complicated laws associated with child custody and visitation that are better left in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional. When in need of a family law attorney child custody Frisco TX clients should choose a qualified firm such as Woods & Matlock, P.C., to ensure the best possible outcome.