Deciding how to best parent the children after divorce can be a challenge. Custody disputes can wreak havoc on families if they are not handled with the highest level of care. A skilled family lawyer for child custody Denton TX cases can help you find the parenting schedule that works best for your family and your children.

Working out Parenting Time

Deciding what amount of time the children will spend with each parent is one of the most challenging aspects of child custody cases. The courts will take several factors into account, including the age of the child, his or her educational needs and his or her health needs. If one parent has been the primary caregiver for the majority of the child’s life, the court will take that into consideration as well.

Deciding on the Rights of the Parents and Children

One of the most important elements of deciding child custody is to make sure the child has access to both parents, and that both parents can make the right decisions on their behalf. This means determining how both parents will make decisions about medical care, school and other factors in the child’s life.

When You Need an Aggressive Advocate

In most cases, the parents work these issues out on their own. There are instances, however, in which parents cannot come to a consensus and must turn to the courts to decide. Spiteful parents often use their children to hurt their former spouses. If you need an aggressive representative to present your case, our firm can help you exercise your rights to parent your child and give him access to both parents.

When it comes to finding the right family lawyer for child custody Denton TX disputes, you need a firm that is honest, dependable and aggressive when necessary. Contact us today if you wish to hire the best child custody attorney for your case.