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Are you a father going through a divorce and child custody case in Texas? You may need an attorney for child custody in Southlake, TX even more than you thought. Historically, the law has always awarded more parental time to the mother in custody cases. Here in Texas, things are no different. The information below is meant to help you, but only an attorney can give you legal advice. Woods & Matlock are family law experts that can help you if you’re going through a divorce.

Parenting time is under the microscope

To award custody, a judge will want to see evidence of longstanding, positive relationships between you and your children. The judge looks at patterns and often times, a mother has had more day to day interactions with the children. Because of this, the courts see her as more essential to the children’s best interests and often side with her perspective on how time with the children should be spread out. What’s especially heartbreaking is situations where the mother seeks full custody (or conservatorship as it’s called in Texas) and wins, despite genuine interest from a father in having a role in his children’s development.

You’ve got to maintain your ties to the kids

As a father, you may have been the “breadwinner” for the family and spent lots of time away from home earning an income to provide. Unfortunately, this can hurt you in a child custody case. Judges will want to see who attends parent teacher conferences and who takes the children to doctor’s appointments, haircuts, and extracurricular activities as well as how much time you spend with the kids after school each day. Don’t make the mistake of letting your spouse tell you there’s too much going on for you to see the kids. You need regular time with them and a record of involvement in their lives.

New relationships after the divorce can hurt your credibility

Introducing the children to a new girlfriend or partner or letting your significant other move into the home where you live with your children too soon can hurt your chances with a judge. It’s human nature to want to start rebuilding your life and move on. Just be careful by keeping your time with your new significant other separate from the time you spend with your children, most any attorney for child custody in Southlake, TX will tell you the same information. After the divorce and custody decision are completed, you can decide if the next steps in your new relationship include introductions to the kids or more.

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