How will divorce affect your son?

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Our last post covered, “How will divorce affect your daughter?” In this one, we’ll cover what research shows about the different effects of divorce on young boys.

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What does research show about divorce’s effect on young boys?

As you might have guessed, boys experience different reactions to divorce. Though they share many of the same emotions as girls, their reactions and internal conflicts are different. Younger boys can react to divorce with more aggression and tendencies to fight others. During the teen years, there’s evidence of more delinquency with boys who are a product of divorce. When parents had a great deal of fighting in their marriage leading up to the divorce, these tendencies are stronger.

Though about 10% of young girls tend to lose motivation in school after a divorce, some boys experience a drop in self-confidence. They are more likely to become aggressive and defiant in the first year after a divorce. Whining to get their way can increase but should go down in a year’s time.

When boys have less contact with their dad after a divorce, they can have a hard time adjusting. Especially as they enter adolescence, boys will seek contact with their fathers for involvement. Sadly, research shows that many children lose contact with their father after several years post-divorce. If it’s at all possible to foster the relationship between your children and their father, it tends to have more positive than negative effects. Every family situation is different, though.

Remarriage or a new relationship shortly after a divorce tends to be hard for both genders to cope with and can create stress. But, boys tend to be more accepting of this change to family structure than girls and can find a friendship or positive male role model in the new stepfather in their life.

Processing divorce varies for children. The best approach is one of unconditional love and support. Involving both parents in their lives and creating a custody agreement that meets kids’ needs makes a huge difference in their development. While divorce is often rough for the first year, the outcome can make a brighter future for children with happier parents who care for them. Getting a good attorney to help you resolve the custody debate quickly is another way to start the healing process sooner. Our firm specializes in custody and divorce. Let us help you make a bright future possible for you and your children.

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