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If you’re a grandparent, you know the joy it is to hold a grandson or granddaughter in your arms. Divorce and family law attorneys in Fairview, TX are sometimes necessary to protect them. Playing a role in their lives as they grow up brings you memories and fulfillment and it enriches their lives in a way they will always remember.

What does Texas law say about grandparents rights?

The laws here are modeled from several US Supreme Court rulings over grandparent’s roles in the family. Parents have the right to determine how much and to what extent of the time their children spend with their grandparents. Only in extreme cases will the courts in Texas make rulings that contradict a parent’s wishes.

Situations where grandparents speak up for their rights

Your role is an important part of their family life, and it deserves to be protected. Sometimes family disputes can get ugly, and if the parents of your grandchild are trying to deny you time with them, it can be necessary to get lawyers involved. Other times, you’re watching neglect and poor parenting happen and it becomes necessary for you to seek custody or a form of intervention. The experienced lawyers at Woods & Matlock can help you speak up and take the best course of action if you have a case to make.

Grandparent custody

If you’re seeking custody of a child as the grandparent, you have a large burden of proof to make your case. You will need to show a judge beyond the shadow of a doubt that the children’s parents are unfit to care for them. If the children’s parents are willing to cede their parental rights to you, adopting your grandchildren as their conservator may be possible. These cases are often difficult, so it’s best to see divorce and family law attorneys in Fairview, TX who have experience with grandparent rights.

Visitation rights to see your grandchildren

You can file a suit to allow you to see your grandchildren if one or both of their parents are restricting your access to see them. Visitation rights are often called the right of possession, meaning having your grandchildren spending time with you where you are their caretaker. This often happens during a divorce or custody dispute between the two biological parents where a parent may choose to shut you out as retribution to their spouse. These are often emotionally charged situations, but a lawyer can help you decide if filing for possession rights is a good option for you.
If you’re a grandparent in a situation similar to these, it doesn’t hurt to get some legal advice from divorce and family law attorneys in Fairview, TX. Woods & Matlock are a team of lawyers with more than three decades of experience helping families navigate through divorce, child custody, and adoption. Call us today for a free brief phone consultation at 972-972-8820.