When it comes to Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Plano TX is home to the expert legal team of Woods & Matlock, P.C., while many people commonly assume that Family Law is all about divorce cases, this is not actually the reality of the situation. We spend a great deal of our time attempting to keep families together through mediation and exploration of alternative solutions outside of the formal courtroom-centered framework. We even help many families grow through our great expertise in the field of Adoption law.

Of course families are subject to many stresses, and we strive to assist them in weathering whatever storm slams them. Helping people successfully navigate the many binding legal agreements and declaratory forms that comprise a large part of family law actions is an important part of our job. So too is our growing practice in the relatively new field of Grandparents’ Rights in those cases where a separation of the parents is inevitable.

Family Law is also about protection of the weak and innocent. Woods & Matlock, P.C., have no peers when it comes to handling matters of domestic violence. Our first priority is always to protect those who may be at risk of harm. Only then do we proceed along the lines of crafting a final solution to the problem.

We do not allow our desire for comity to outweigh the need to fight wholeheartedly to protect our clients and their interests. Family Law is often a venue where strong feelings are in play. Often, there is no alternative but to seek redress through the mechanism of the court system. When the time to litigate arrives, the Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Plano TX residents want to have on their side is the firm, compassionate, and experienced team of Woods & Matlock, P.C.