Saving money by being your own attorney in a court case may be tempting. However, given the complexity and emotional strains that typically are involved in child custody cases, hiring an experienced family law attorney can greatly improve your chances of success.

Why a Family Lawyer?

Issues involving marriage and children fall under the umbrella of family law, which are state laws that can vary substantially between jurisdictions. When looking for a family lawyer for child custody Frisco TX parents can rely on, you will want to find one that is intimately familiar with and experienced in this area of Texas law.

A family lawyer also should be experienced in dealing with the emotions that can arise when families are breaking up. They should be able to handle the most complex issues, such as interstate custody or accusations of abuse, with professionalism, keeping the focus on the best interests of the child.

What the Court Considers

The term, “best interests of the child,” is defined differently in court depending on the individuals involved. In determining these interests, judges may take into account such things as the lifestyle and health of the parents, the age of the child and his or her mental and physical health, the emotional bond between parent and child, and the stability of the home environment. Other factors may involve financial aspects, such as the ability of the parent to provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Even the quality of the schools in the area may be considered.

Child Custody

There are different types of child custody that may be considered. They include physical custody, which often is split between parents in a joint custody agreement; bird’s nest custody, where the child stays in the family home and the parents rotate in turns; and legal custody, which gives the parent the responsibility and right to make decisions concerning how the child is reared.

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