When in need of a family lawyer for child custody Plano TX residents have long been accustomed to consulting with the law firm of Woods & Matlock, P.C., while we offer a complete slate of family and divorce law services, we are particularly proud of our long record of successful child custody cases.

What makes a child custody case different from others is that we are fighting ultimately for the best possible outcome for a minor or an infant who is in need of stability and love during a time of great upheaval in their lives. It takes a great deal of understanding and patience to successfully handle a case where the interests of the child need to be defended without creating any unwelcome stress or anxiety.

Of course, we are also fighting for the rights of the parent to retain the joy and pride of raising their child in the best environment possible. Every parent knows that this is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. It gives us the greatest possible pleasure to help them realize that goal in any way that we can. Much of the law is about protecting the innocent from harm. When we take on a child custody case, we are always looking to forge a settlement that brings the greatest protection and emotional security to our clients and their children.

Too often in this world we find ourselves doing what is necessary, but when practicing as a family lawyer for child custody Plano TX families can rest assured that Woods & Matlock, P.C., will do what is right. Our mission is to bring peace and healing to our clients at a time when everything in their lives may seem to be falling apart. There is hope and there is a future. Let us help you find it for your own family.