divorce and custody lawyers in Dallas, TX

Dallas is a massive and thriving town. New attorneys are moving to Dallas every month to try to make a name for themselves, so when you are looking to hire an attorney for the first time it may feel like a harrowing task. Hiring the best divorce and custody lawyers in Dallas, TX is actually quite easy when you know what it is you need.

What Do I Need?

That is the most important question when trying to locate an attorney. If you are going through a separation and have a child together, you’ll want an attorney who specializes in both of those aspects of Family Law. Sometimes during the process of divorce, a newborn child or pregnancy comes up, if your attorney doesn’t do child custody you might need to have two separate lawyers in this case. There are cases where your safety suddenly comes into play, whether from the spouse or a romantic person their life, and you’ll need to make sure that your lawyer can get you a restraining order filed quickly and knows how to use that restraining order to further strengthen your case.

Is There Good News?

The good news, even though divorce and child custody proceedings can feel like one big cycle of bad news, is that the attorneys at Woods, May & Matlock have experience in everything to do with Family Law. We have many years of experience, and with that experience comes a certain familiarity with things that come up that the law isn’t crystal clear on. This experience gives us a clearer path to handling anything that comes up.

An important thing to remember is that no two cases are the same. Although your friend or family member may have a very similar relationship and breakup that you have, the outcomes of your cases can be drastically different. A major reason for this is which state their divorce is taking place. The laws on divorce and child custody can be drastically different from state to state. For example, child custodians in the state of Texas are called conservators. Conservatorship laws, while similar in some ways, are different in many others from the child custodian laws of even neighboring states.

divorce and custody lawyers in Dallas, TX

Another thing to consider as to why outcomes might be different from your friend or family members’ cases is the ability of the court to dismiss evidence. There are a number of reasons that the court can be tossed out or barred from consideration in each case. The fact of the matter is, that these reasons may not have existed in the case of someone you know. This may be due, again, to the state they are in. Other reasons, such as proving the person actually wrote a social media post that displays a point you’re trying to make in your case, and numerous others exist. In these circumstances, a strong law team is very important.

How Do I Talk to A Lawyer?

Woods & Matlock has the right divorce and custody lawyers in Dallas, TX for your unique situation. Give us a call at 972-972-8820 and schedule your consultation today. Our experienced team has over 75 collective years of experience in family law and we know how to get the best for you. Call us today for a better future.