attorney for child custody in Mckinney, TX

A separation is one of the hardest things a person has to deal with in today’s society. The stress from a divorce can be almost debilitating for some people, and if you add child custody into the equation, there are bound to be some sleepless nights worrying about the future of your child. This is why it is paramount to hire the best attorney for child custody in Mckinney, TX to handle your case.

Finding the Best Attorney for Me

There are literally hundreds of things to consider when hiring an attorney, but we think that there are some variables that are more important than the rest that should always be at the top of the list.

  • Compatibility: Having an attorney that you have no problem sharing the most intimate details of your marriage with is key. These details might be the difference between sharing custody or making sure an unfit parent only gets a monthly visitation. Having this trust in Family Law is by far the most important factor to consider when choosing between a number of attorneys.
  • Availability: A busy attorney is usually a good one, but there is a fine line between being full and being too full of clients. Make sure that your attorney has the availability to give your case his/her full attention. Another thing to consider is whether the attorney has a solid legal team to back them, in other words, if they are part of a firm. Firms will not only have more attorneys, but more paralegals to assist in researching the laws that a pertinent to your case. Having this team frees up ample time for an attorney to focus on the case, rather than research how to proceed with it. A law team, for this reason, is almost always better prepared than their competition.
  • Experience: Having a few years of practicing law under an attorney’s belt is very important. This allows them to gain confidence and application of the law. The newer attorneys may not always seem like a good choice for this reason, but when they are part of a firm they often have the support of 30 years helping them prepare.

attorney for child custody in Mckinney, TX

How Can I Be Prepared?

Having information about your marriage, especially if there are histories of domestic violence or drug abuse on your spouses’ part, is a great start. Any paper that you have in your possession to better solidify your claims of why you are the fittest parent to care for your child should be collected and brought to your attorney. This includes anything written by your spouse that would illustrate this fact, such as a threatening letter or social media posts that are undeniably written by them. Another good item to have would be photographs of them being an unfit parent or dangerous to the safety of your child in any way.

How Do I Talk to An Attorney?

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