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When you’re going through a divorce and have children, it’s prudent to have a competent attorney for child custody in Plano, TX. An experienced lawyer is crucial to helping you get the best possible outcome in these matters. The team at Woods & Matlock carry more than thirty years of experience with child custody and child support decisions. They can help you pursue an amount that supports your children’s needs without going to extremes.Here are some details on how child support is determined in Texas.

What decisions are made during a custody case?

There are two major decisions in child custody cases. First is conservatorship, where the judge will decide how much time each parent spends with the children and define each parent’s role in making decisions on behalf of their children. Secondarily, is the award of child support. At the resolution of a case, either by settlement or the determination of a judge, both custody and child support amounts will be written specifically into a document along with spousal support or alimony if it is warranted.

The court decides the amount based on a chart under Texas Family Code.

The Texas Family Code states that one parent will have to make child support payments to the other based on the paying person’s net income. The courts use a chart to determine the percentage of monthly net salary that will go towards child support. In most cases, the amount awarded for the monthly payment is usually less than the total percentage specified but the judge may rule for a higher or lower amount. You can see a table of the Family Code amounts and get more information on our webpage on child support calculations here.

Should I be worried about the amount I will receive or pay?

The court will decide who pays based on how much time the children spend with each parent. Overnight visits are considered as well as the amount of total income for each parent. Your income isn’t solely based on your salary. Rental income, investment earnings, and any other sources of cash are part of your earnings. Your health care payments for the children, union dues, and federal and state tax payments are deducted from your earnings in this calculation. As a parent going through child support calculations, it’s essential to have the advice of an attorney for child custody in Plano, TX to help you negotiate and make the best compromises to protect your assets both during the case and beyond.

One final word on child support

Once child support is awarded, it will remain the same until your children reach the age of maturity unless you file a later adjustment suit. Get started with some solid advice from an attorney for child custody in Plano, TX who is familiar with the process. Call Woods & Matlock to set up a free brief phone consultation today at 972-972-8820.