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You could save time and money with a lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen, TX on your side that knows collaborative law. Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to settling divorces in Texas, and few law firms are experienced with it yet. Woods & Matlock not only practices collaborative law regularly, Mr. Matlock and Ms. Woods are collaborative law specialists.

How does collaborative law work?

Instead of working to show the courts how bad of a person your spouse is and why you should “win”, collaborative law seeks agreement and compromise. Running each other through the mud heats the tension of an already difficult situation, so instead, you and your spouse can voluntarily choose collaborative law. In doing so, both of you, along with your attorneys, sign an agreement to settle the case without litigation. Because of this promise, there’s more room for negotiation and finding agreement since you are no longer trying to prove something to a judge.

Starting the process

Your first step in pursuing collaborative law should be researching for a lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen, TX that’s also specialized in this field. Most law firms offer a free first time consultation, allowing you to get to know the attorney you would be working with and see if you feel comfortable with them. In a divorce proceeding where you need to be upfront about your side of the story, it’s essential you feel at ease with the lawyer. Conversely, you need a lawyer who makes time for you and communicates every step of the way, so trust your instincts and ask questions.

Make sure your lawyer is on board with a collaborative approach

Talk to your lawyer about their experiences with collaborative law and their opinions on it. Not all lawyers in Texas are familiar with collaborative law, nor are they all fans of it, some prefer a courtroom litigation approach, so make sure your attorney’s strategic approach matches your own.

Check with your spouse

Even though you are probably no longer living in the same home and likely prefer not to speak to your spouse, you need them on board to pursue collaborative law. If they refuse and are uncooperative, you will have to pursue divorce in the traditional method. That doesn’t mean your case won’t settle, but it could be more volatile than a collaborative approach.

Get started with a firm renowned for their collaborative law efforts

Woods & Matlock are a team of attorneys who work closely with their clients to negotiate the best possible outcomes during divorce. Each attorney has over 30 years of experience, and can help you decide if a collaborative approach is appropriate to your situation. Call today to schedule your brief free phone consultation with a lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen, TX at 972-972-8820.