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Things aren’t always as they seem. If there’s a reason for you to quickly dissolve a marriage, you’ll want a family lawyer on your side. An attorney for child custody in McKinney, TX at Woods & Matlock is also able to help with marriage annulments. Here are some of the reasons for an annulment to be valid in the state of Texas according to the Family Code sections 6.101 – 6.206.

Reasons a court will grant annulment:

1. Underage: If either of the people married are under legal age, one party or their parents may file for annulment. The legal age in Texas to consent to marriage is 18, but a person may marry with their parent’s permission starting at age 16. Parents may file for annulment on their child’s behalf in these situations.

2. Intoxication: If one spouse was under the influence of an intoxicant and unable to consent to the marriage, the law protects them with the option to annul the marriage. For this reason to be granted, the couple must not live together after their marriage. If they started living together after the marriage, it’s unlikely to hold up in court.

3. Incest: If the people getting marriage share the same family line and are closer than first cousins, their marriage can be annulled.

4. Fraud: If one of the parties lied or hid something incredibly important to affect the decision about marriage, the other spouse may seek annulment.

5. Bigamy or Polygamy: If one of the people married was already married to another person, this new marriage can be nullified.

6. Impotence: If one spouse is unable to have sexual relations with their husband or wife permanently, they may choose to annul the marriage. If the spouse knew about the impotence prior to marriage, this reason will not be accepted by a judge.

7. Duress or force: If one spouse coerced or used leverage by means of threat or force to make the other person marry them, they may seek annulment.

What you need to do if you want to annul a marriage:

You should seek help from a family lawyer as soon as possible. The team at Woods & Matlock have the right attorney for annulment or attorney for child custody in McKinney, TX. The bad news in this situation is the embarrassment or uncomfortable position you may be feeling as a result of a marriage you don’t want to keep but the good news is filing for annulment doesn’t have to be complicated with the help of an experienced lawyer.

We can help you decide if annulment is a valid and easier approach than divorce. You need a firm specialized in family law in Texas to give you the best advice, so call us and get the process started. Reach out to Woods & Matlock today to set up your brief free phone consultation for annulment or divorce by calling 972-972-8820 now.