“We Will Be Your Voice.” We mention this often, and many cannot fathom the meaning.  What does it mean?  The simple answer is “we are the voice of the voiceless.”  If that answer doesn’t satisfy you, allow us to share in further detail.

Clients often come to us never expecting a divorce, child custody, domestic dispute, a paternity test, or a enforcement dispute.  Situations like these can really tear families apart, and it seems like there’s no end in sight.  Unfortunately, life throws us lemons sometimes.  Count on Woods and Matlock to help you make lemonade.  Our Divorce and Family Law Attorneys McKinney TX offers solutions for those problems and more.  We are a listening ear to your needs, and we will follow through with suggestions and support your final say.  Additionally, we engage in helping families grow with adoptive services.

The legal process can often be confusing and difficult to comprehend.  At Woods & Matlock, we realize that many of our clients need guidance to navigate the family legal process.  Our attorneys, assistants, and  staff combine resources to defend McKinney residents.  Many methods of solving cases don’t involve a judge, but if the other party is unreasonable, we will take your case to court.  Our goal is to solve your problem in the most effective ways possible.  In a perfect world, this means giving both parties a happy ending, but regrettably, the world isn’t perfect.

To answer the question in greater depth, our voice equals our legal knowledge, and we let it speak for you.  Why are you still waiting?  Give us a call or fill out the contact form.  Trust our judgment to tackle your case, and we will be your voice.