Divorce can be an ugly time for both parties, especially if it is coming about as a result of domestic violence, adultery or after prolonged acrimony. At such a time, it can be difficult to sit down with a soon to be ex-spouse and work out issues such as child custody, visitation rights and spousal support. However, there are some important advantages to working things out via mediation instead of taking a case to court.

Creating the Best Possible Agreement

Legal constraints in the state of Texas put limitations on what a judge can and cannot do. If you take your case to court, the result may be a final verdict that is neither in your best interest nor the best interest of your former spouse. Mediation is a very good way to achieve a final agreement that takes your unique family situation into account and ensures that everyone is at least somewhat happy with the agreement.

Saving Time

Divorce is difficult for children and dragging them through prolonged, nasty child custody cases makes life hard for them. When you resolve the case through mediation, you save your kids a great deal of pain and heartache. They can then move on into their new lives without worrying about their future.

Save Money

Most often it is much more cost effective to resolve child custody matters via mediation than it is to take a case to court. While our family lawyers are more than willing to go to bat for you in court if need be, we want to help you save a great deal of money by resolving the case on your own with guidance from one of our attorneys and  experienced mediators.

If you need a family law attorney child custody Frisco TX has a great option. Give us a call at your convenience. We will help you settle the case in a legally efficient, timely manner so you and your children can get back on your feet and start fresh without the pain and hassle of enduring months or years of legal issues.