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About this article:

This article will help you understand how a family lawyer for child custody Plano TX from Woods & Matlock can help you navigate the landmines of a child custody case in Texas. From negotiating with your spouse and their attorney to making a case with a judge, our attorneys have more than four decades of experience helping mothers and fathers going through a divorce protect their time with their children. While this information should be helpful, meeting with one of our attorneys and discussing the specifics of your situation is the only way to get solid legal advice.

The Questions On Every Parent’s Mind In A Custody Case

Who will take the kids to school and care for them most of the time? How will summers be divided? If a doctor recommends my daughter take medication for ADHD, who gets the final say? These are the kinds of questions weighing on the mind of any parent going through a divorce. In a thorough parenting agreement, all of these aspects of parenting should be included. Here’s where hiring an experienced lawyer in family law makes a difference. While some families will find themselves back to filing legal documents when a surprise situation or disagreement comes up, a solid plan will have clear boundaries set even for contingencies.

Starting With Your Goals

Working with a family lawyer for child custody Plano TX will help you get a clear perspective on the legal process. At Woods & Matlock, we start by discussing your needs and putting together a realistic and personalized approach to the case. You’ll get a solid understanding of the process, and we’ll be able to offer some guidance around how long each step will take, granting that timing can always change based on the cooperation of both parties in the custody agreement and the court date availability, if your custody agreement can’t be settled outside of court.

Meeting With Your Spouse Or Your Spouse’s Attorney

After meeting together to discuss a game plan, you and your lawyer should have a shared understanding of what you want in terms of parenting time and where you are and aren’t willing to budge. We start with informal negotiations with your spouse and usually they will also have a lawyer present, too. From here, the process may switch to collaborative law, alternative dispute mediation. If you and your spouse are constantly at odds, court may be the ultimate place to settle the case with a judge ruling the final outcome.

Starting your case with an experienced family lawyer for child custody Plano, TX who will help you avoid taking a bad offer, or making an agreement that’s so general it will bring you back into the courtroom. Woods & Matlock offer free consultations allowing you to see if our attorneys are the right fit for you, so call us to schedule your appointment today at 972-972-8820.