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Yelling, mind-games, neglect, and hitting. These are all reasons to get divorce and family law attorneys McKinney TX involved in a safe exit from a rough situation. Whether your spouse has been violent towards you in front of the children or behind closed doors, getting out of this situation is imperative. A divorce and child custody agreement that protects you and your children is the best route to moving on to a safer and happier life for you and your family. In this two-part blog series, we’ll cover the starting details to what you need to know about custody and settlement.

Planning Is Key

You know your spouse better than anyone else, presenting them with the finality of a divorce is going to cause a reaction. Whether it ignites their abusive behavior in retaliation or they “play nice” and urge you to stay and promise they’ll change once and for all. You need to have a clear plan for safety for you and your children. You may need to get a restraining order as well. When you break the news to your spouse, the first days will be the hardest.

Safety After Letting The Ball Drop

Make sure you take your children with you if you leave the home. To a judge, leaving them there means you are putting them at risk for abuse as well. Don’t get into a compromising position that means you are fighting in front of the children or running away from the family home with without them. Turn to a relative, trusted friend, or find a safe house to stay after you leave so you’re protected.

Getting An Attorney

When you’re dealing with an abusive spouse, you need a family lawyer who has experience with domestic abuse cases. Your lawyer needs to be able to share your situation with the judge and help you make the right decisions. Without someone who understands the dynamics of an abusive relationship, you might settle for a bad divorce outcome because of intimidation from your spouse and their attorney without your lawyer realizing what’s going on.

How Courts Look At Abuse

The judge will rule differently on property settlement, child custody, and visitation agreements for a case involving domestic abuse. To make your case, you will have to provide evidence of the abuse, and this can be both painful and embarrassing. Divorce and family law attorneys McKinney TX with the experience you need will help you find the words. In front of the judge, we will share your situation in a clear, but respectful light, as well as help prepare you for to testify if it is necessary.

Make A Brighter Tomorrow

If you’re considering divorce and need help, call Woods & Matlock for a free consultation. Our divorce and family law attorneys McKinney TX can help you get out of an abusive relationship and on to a brighter future, so call us today at 972-972-8820 to discuss your situation and get legal advice.