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If you’re considering a divorce and looking for a lawyer specializes in family law Dallas TX, the attorneys at Woods & Matlock have more than four decades of experience. We often resist change because we don’t know what’s next, but our attorneys can help you with a clearer path through divorce and child custody. Making life post-divorce brighter and full of better opportunity. That said, we meet clients all the time who’ve stayed in an unhappy marriage for too long. At the end of the divorce, they often say, “I wish I’d done this sooner”. Here are some of the most common reasons people stay with someone when things aren’t working and some practical advice in response.

  • It’s the best thing for the kids. It’s common for people to stay in an unhappy marriage because they think it gives the kids a better home life. What’s sad is children are often aware of the unhappiness between you as parents, even if you don’t argue in front of them. Seeing a bad relationship isn’t setting the kids up to have a happy relationship later on and it’s certainly depriving you of one.
  • I’m afraid of being alone. Sometimes we want to stay because it’s what we know. You might be worried about the times you’ll be without the kids during your spouse’s visitation or parenting time. Or, you might not like the idea of not having someone in your life, even if your relationship isn’t working. Remember, habit isn’t a good reason to stay in an unhealthy or doomed marriage.
  • It’s too late for me to find someone new. Studies actually show quite the opposite is true. Most people remarry within four years of a divorce, men usually remarry within two years. Getting into the dating pool after years of marriage can and will feel awkward, but you will adapt and you can learn about yourself and have fun meeting new people as you look for someone who will truly make you happy.
  • What if things can work out? You don’t want to regret leaving your spouse, but what ifs are purely hypothetical. Ask yourself honestly, if you have given your spouse chances and worked with them to resolve issues. Most people seeking divorce aren’t rushing into it, if you can answer that you’ve spent time working through things but haven’t had success, you already know the answer.
  • I’m not sure how to pay the bills. You will need to adjust your budget after divorce. Two separate households will be more expensive than sharing the rent or mortgage. Finding an affordable place to live and keeping costs down will help you feel confident you can do this.

Only you can decide if divorce is the right choice, but don’t let excuses rule your life. If you think you want to divorce, get solid advice from a lawyer specializes in family law Dallas TX that can help you navigate the process. Let Woods & Matlock help with a no obligation consultation by calling us today at 972-972-8820.