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I love my family more than anything in the world, but things aren’t working no matter how hard I try with my husband. I don’t know if North Texas family lawyers Plano TX are the right option, but I have years of knowing he doesn’t listen and he never changes. I want out of my marriage, but I’ve felt stuck for years because I’m reliant on him for support. As a stay at home mom, I’ve gladly given up my career to be there for the kids but that decision has left me dependent on his financial support without knowing how I can make it.While he has had years to build his career with my support at home. How do I get out of this unending cycle?

Can You Relate?

If any of this sounds familiar to you as a stay at home mom, getting help from an experienced family law attorney is key. While only a lawyer who knows your specific situation can offer legal advice, these tips will help you plan to reinvent life after your divorce so you come out strong instead of just surviving the ordeal. The team at Woods & Matlock have more than 40-years of experience as North Texas family lawyers Plano TX that can help you get the best possible settlement for starting your life post-divorce.

  1. Meet with a family lawyer. Getting started with someone who understands Texas Family Code and knows how to negotiate on your behalf will help protect you. Your husband is likely to hire a lawyer, too and you’ll want to have someone there to argue for the support and care you’ve provided the kids. You will also want someone to argue why alimony and child support will be necessary as you get your life on a different track.
  2. Hire a new accountant. Even if you and your spouse have a good accountant, you’ll need someone who only works for you. As you look over settlement agreements with your attorney, your accountant can help you see how much money you’ll actually get after taxes. For example, if you cash out investments, you’ll have to pay capital gains taxes, lowering the actual amount of money you receive. Nearly every financial outcome of your divorce has tax implications so having someone to advise you and file all the IRS documents will help you plan accurately and save you a great deal of stress.
  3. Decide about the house. If you want to keep the family home, make sure you can actually do so! Unless your family owns the home outright, you need to see if you can qualify for a mortgage on your own. The bank will use your alimony and child support as income so it isn’t necessary to have a job history, but you do need to make sure it’s enough, or else you could end up back in negotiations if you don’t qualify to keep the home.

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