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Part five of our six post series is completely devoted to child custody. Get the help you need for success from a lawyer who specializes in family law Dallas TX from Woods & Matlock. Dividing assets and setting a clear schedule for time with the kids involves extensive paperwork and court filings, you don’t want to end up back in court for missing key details, we can help.

Here’s what happened to Catherine in the child custody stages of her divorce. If you’ve just joined us, make sure to go through our archives and read our other posts about Catherine’s journey through divorce and child custody, as a stay at home mom rebuilding her life and career in North Texas.

Making the Most of a 60 Day Waiting Period

By this time, Catherine and her attorney had met several times with her husband and his lawyer to find compromises to divide their property and assets. The lawyer who specializes in family law Dallas TX  will still be working out an agreement over spousal support she would need in the transition, and if this wasn’t resolved before the 60 day period was over, a judge would make the final call. The last step was deciding on a child custody agreement.

Custody Decisions

Catherine was used to being the primary caretaker for the kids, she’d given up her career to be a full-time mom, staying home with the kids and caring for them before and after school as they grew. She was the one who took them to music lessons, sports, haircuts, and the doctor, and she was the one they went to if they needed to talk about something or get homework help.

It was very obvious the kids were closer to her than their father, who worked long hours outside of the home. For these reasons, both her history as a parent and close role in the children’s lives, a judge would likely grant her favorable custody. Catherine could pursue sole custody or joint custody with her husband, but both options carry their own weight.

Sole or Joint Custody?

Custody, or conservatorship, as we call it in Texas, is a complicated process made much easier with the help of a lawyer who specializes in family law Dallas, TX. Going for sole custody isn’t easy in Texas, our court system favors having both parents in their children’s lives. This is unless there is a strong reason a parent shouldn’t be involved, such as a history of abuse by one parent.

Joint custody allows both parents a role, but one parent may have more time with the kids at their home. Catherine wanted her kids to continue their relationship with their father, but to live with her most of the week. If you’re in Catherine’s situation, remember a lawyer who specializes in family law Dallas TX can help you through the custody process. Call Woods & Matlock today for a free brief phone consultation at 972-972-8820.