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We’re into part four of our exclusive series, brought to you by the North Texas family lawyers Plano TX at Woods & Matlock. With decades of experience, we can help you get through a divorce and come out ready for the future.

Let’s return to Catherine’s journey through divorce and child custody in North Texas. Though Catherine will have to figure out life after divorce, she’s already been through the initial divorce filings and completed the 60 day wait period. Coming to an agreement over assets and property. Find out how she approaches the next stages of her life in terms of alimony and child custody.

Without a Job, What’s Next?

For many Texas families, a husband that works full time and a wife that stays home to care for the kids is commonplace. Most stay at home moms choose this role within the marriage to be a part of the milestones in their children’s lives and to help make childcare affordable, but many of them (and their husbands) forget the sacrifice in earnings made by that decision. I’ve been out of the workforce for over ten years, what can I possibly do? It’s important to find an equitable solution to this compromise that carries a lasting impact on a woman’s earning potential.

Should I Seek Spousal Maintenance?

Divorce is a big transition, and it certainly was for Catherine, she needed time to figure out her place back in the workforce. Catherine knew she wanted to work again, especially now that her oldest child, age 14, was already old enough to look after her youngest, age 8-year-old son. Her previous role in the workforce was something she could get back into, but it would take time and it wouldn’t come close to paying for the lifestyle she’d become accustomed to with her husband.

Planning For the Future

Together with her attorney, Catherine decided to pursue spousal support while she figured out her next moves. Catherine’s attorney came up with a figure that would allow Catherine and the kids to stay in the family home as well as a more modest option that would let her move into a comfortable apartment in the same school district with bedrooms for each of them. North Texas family lawyers Plano TX from Woods & Matlock can help you navigate spousal support to transition to life after divorce.

What Makes Sense?

Sometimes selling the family home makes it easier to move on and divvy up assets. When planning for life after divorce, lifestyles have to adjust to the single income change. Many men and women opt for a smaller home or a modest apartment to get on their feet, but others make an agreement with their spouse to keep the home as a place to nurture the children. Remember to plan for consistency for the kids like Catherine did. Keeping the kids at the same schools was important so she asked for spousal maintenance options that would allow for that.

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