Child custody is one of the most important subjects in family law today.

One way to arm yourself is learning about what type of custody you want. Here are a few custody types to help you get started.

Joint Managing Conservatorship

A joint conservatorship is the sharing of responsibilities between parents. This is usually ideal for parents that can act civilly towards each other after their marriage has ended. Even so, it can be a challenging type of conservatorship when parents don’t agree on major issues involving their child.

Sole Managing Conservatorship

A sole managing conservatorship is when one parent physically has the child and is given the power to make decisions for them. The other parent will usually have been found unfit for drug use, abuse, gross negligence, or another finding that shows that this parent is a danger to the child. The sole managing conservator will be awarded the power to make decisions for the child (religion, medical insurers, etc.) as well as live with the child daily.

Possessory Conservatorship

A possessory conservatorship is a role the non-sole conservator has when they are allowed visitation. This is usually done on a strict schedule, such as first and third weekends of every month. While the possessory conservatorship allows access to the child, it does not grant that parent the right to make the decisions for the child that a sole conservator can. They are also still obligated to provide food, shelter, clothing, and keep them out of harm’s way while under their care.

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