Family Law is one of the most sensitive and challenging areas for individuals to decipher in Texas. If you’re looking for a lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen TX, we are here to help you navigate the legal minefield.

We know firsthand what a strain legal difficulties put on a family. We’ve been doing everything in our power to help alleviate that strain for years. Knowing the basics of family law can be a huge leg up to families who are currently dealing with family law issues.

“If I Bought It in My Name, It’s Mine”

This is one of the most common lines we hear with families going through a divorce. While the name on the article of property is important, it doesn’t necessarily mean you own the item. If you were married when you purchased the item, your partner might be entitled to up to 50% of the ownership.

“This Is What My Friend Got in Her Divorce”

This is another common issue we see come up in matters of divorce. It is extremely important that you keep in mind that each and every divorce case is unique in its details and outcome. Whatever similarities you might think there are between your situations, understand that even the smallest difference can have a huge effect on your outcome.

“We’ve Been Legally Separated for Years”

This is something we hear often from our potential clients, but the fact of the matter is, legal separation in Texas simply does not exist. If you don’t have a divorce decree, there isn’t anything separating the two of you in the eyes of the law.

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