When it comes to protecting your children and making sure that they are well cared for and their rights are protected, the legal system must make some incredibly important determinations. If you are facing a divorce or child custody hearing, the Texas Family Lawyers at Woods & Matlock can help.

How Child Custody is Determined in Texas

Texas law uses the term “conservatorship” rather than “custody”. Typically, both parents will be awarded joint custody and will be appointed as “joint managing conservators.” However, in some circumstances, one parent might be named as the “sole managing conservator.”

Every situation is unique and the lawyers at Woods & Matlock can provide the legal guidance and the help you need to ensure the best interests of your children are considered when determining conservatorship.

How will the court determine child support?

In most cases, the court will require one parent to pay child support to the other parent. The amount of child support is typically calculated according to pre-determined child support guidelines. However, special circumstances, such as the needs of the child, child care expenses, and the paying party’s earning potential as well as how much time the children will spend with each party can also play a role in the final calculation.

Child support can be adjusted up or down from the percentages listed in the child support guidelines. The percentage used in determining child support is calculated on the Net Resource figure. An experienced lawyer can help you understand more about how child support is calculated in the state of Texas. Your lawyer will also be able to provide the help you need to request a deviance from the standard child support calculations, if necessary.

Changing a Court Order

If circumstances change, court orders for child support or even child custody can be changed, too. Experienced Texas family lawyers will be able to help you through the legal process.