Few issues are as contentious as those between close friends and family members, so divorce and family law routinely generate disagreements over almost every conceivable issue including property divisions, custody issues, alimony and child support. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, we can look into the matter with a trained team of financial investigators. In today’s complex financial portfolios, dividing assets can be particularly tricky with IRAs, self-directed retirement accounts, investments, real estate holdings, pensions and other assets.

Managing Complex Property Divisions

Questions that divide families include family homes where one spouse owned the house before marriage. Another common problem is debt because many families could be underwater due to bad mortgages, credit card debt and other factors. Determining how to split the debt and safeguarding your own credit rating could be important concerns that you hadn’t considered. We understand family and divorce law as it applies to families in the McKinney, Texas, area so that you don’t get surprised by unintended or unconsidered consequences of complex financial assets. For example, you could easily lose your retirement nest egg if you don’t anticipate that issue when dividing property.

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys McKinney TX

Woods & Matlock, P.C. specializes in the tricky issues of family law, divorce and contesting property divisions. Even if both spouses agree on how to divide personal property and assets, it’s always best to hire an attorney to put the agreement in the proper legal format to preclude misunderstandings and changes of mind. Our team is experienced in negotiating the most complex assets situations when both spouses have jobs, personal property and pre-existing assets before the marriage. Call us today at 972-972-8820 to schedule a consultation if a divorce, separation, problem with children or other family issues are on the horizon for your family.