At Woods & Matlock, P.C., we understand child custody is a crucial and emotionally complicated matter. Questions to be addressed in any family law case involving a child include:

• Who gets the primary conservatorship (a term used in Texas for custody) and possession of the child?
• What are the legal responsibilities and rights toward the child?
• How is parenting time to be shared between the parents?
• In which geographic area will the child live?
• Who will handle child support and expenses?
• How will important decisions that affect the child be made?

Experience Counts – More than 95 Years of Legal Savvy on Your Side

You need a lawyer that genuinely cares about your case. Our seasoned family lawyer for child custody Plano TX knows settling issues involving children can be a stressful and challenging process. Every case is complex and different, and family laws continually evolve. It’s essential to have an experienced attorney who has the resources to assist you with the case. Our lawyer will work closely to help you know the pros and cons so you can make the right choices available for you and your child.

We Protect Your Child’s Rights and Interests

At Woods & Matlock, P.C., we are at the forefront of challenging cases. We do our very best to make sure your child will not be collateral damage in a divorce.

A divorce is never smooth, particularly for children. Having a sense of stability and safety is essential to ensuring your child adapts to the new family structure. We are committed to helping you solve family conflicts and come up with an efficient custody strategy.

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