Family law isn’t just limited to divorce. It comprises an extensive range of legal concerns. At Woods & Matlock, P.C., our lawyer specializes in every aspect of family law Allen TX residents need. We provide sound advice and vigorous legal support when you are dealing with family law matters.

With over 95 years of collective experience, we offer personalized assistance focused on settling your domestic concerns. Our attorneys are board certified legal professionals in family law. We are respected in the legal community as skillful practitioners committed to rendering quality services and an unparalleled level of attention.

Providing Compassionate Counsel in Allen

Family law cases are personal and complicated legal matters you can face. Whether you need to compete for your child’s custody or looking for a divorce and property division, you require an experienced family lawyer on your side. We can provide the answers you need and will work relentlessly for the results that you deserve. Only a competent lawyer can stop you from losing what is legally yours in a tough family law case.

We are sensitive to the emotional troubles and challenges you face. We’ll handle the legal issues so you can continue to lead your life in a healthy way.

Handling All Family Law Aspects

There’s no such thing as a typical family law case. We handle:

* Divorce
*Child custody & support
*Property division & agreements
*Domestic violence
*Spousal Maintenance & Alimony
*Paternity Issues
*Enforcement of Court Orders
*Adoption and more

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Woods & Matlock, P.C., is a client-oriented firm. You will have immediate access to our lawyers, from your initial consultation to when your trial is complete.

If you want a family law attorney who will defend your rights and not step back, contact us now for a free phone consultation to understand your case better.