divorce and family law attorneys in Allen, TX

Here at Woods & Matlock, we’ve seen numerous family law cases on both sides of the court. Here are four mistakes we’ve seen cause undue struggle and how to avoid them.  Our divorce and family law attorneys in Allen, TX are ready to help you.

  1. Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

You want to make sure the lawyer you hire is both well-versed in divorce cases and shares the same approach as you towards your case. There are many kinds of legal specialties from wills to real estate. Make sure you choose someone experienced, who handles divorce cases regularly.

Secondly, hiring a lawyer should be like shopping. Look for divorce and family law attorneys in Allen, TX. Then, at your first consultation meeting, go over your case and ask your lawyer how he or she would handle your case. You don’t want to hire an aggressive litigator if you want to settle quickly, on the other hand, you may want a very aggressive lawyer if your ex is unreasonable.

  1. Getting into Emotional Battles

Divorces carry so much emotional weight on us. They mark the end of a relationship, which can feel like a failure. And they also represent the dismantling of years of time invested. It’s tempting to engage in emotional mudslinging with your ex or want to badmouth them in the courtroom or during negotiations. Your ex has known you for years and knows every button to push to get your reaction. These emotional battles do nothing to help you move forward and instead can lengthen the amount of time to reach an agreement on your case.

Staying cool will help avoid wasting time arguing. It also makes you look more reasonable to the judge in your case.


  1. Not Speaking Up

Don’t avoid bringing up what’s most important to you in the settlement of your case. You and your spouse spent years building up a nest egg of property, savings, and retirement. And if you have children together, you have additional needs to look after for their future as well as your own. Make sure to tell your attorney what is most important to you in negotiations.

Trying to “be nice” and ask for less than you want in settlement lets your ex get the upper hand in negotiations because you will have nothing to compromise when you disagree with their demands. Once negotiations are settled you can’t go back, so be choosy about what’s really important to you, but remain flexible about less essential things.

  1. Failing to Plan for After the Divorce

As you get into the process of divorce, remember to think about your long term goals beyond this situation. How long do you want to fight hard against your ex, how much time and money are you willing to spend? Remember to plan for life after divorce – your new cost of living, your new tax-filing status, and life for your children, if you have them.

Woods & Matlock, is an experienced group of divorce and family law attorneys in Allen, TX. We are ready to meet with you to make the best plans for now and after your divorce. Call us today for a free brief phone consultation or to schedule an appointment at 972-972-8820 .