divorce and child custody lawyers in Frisco TX

Browsing the internet in search of a qualified, honest lawyer can be quite tricky. That’s not only because you may not be sure what you’re looking for, but also because there’s so many to choose from! Depending on where you live, there could be dozens and dozens of lawyers even in one category who are indistinguishable from the other. That’s why we encourage you to learn what you should expect from any divorce and child custody lawyers in Frisco TX, and try to understand what they’ll set out to accomplish on your behalf.

First Off, a Wide Knowledge in Areas beyond Just the Law

Many of our clients like yourself come to us having had enough of the mental and often physical abuse sustained from their partners, and this brings a lot of complications with it. Not only is our knowledge of the law a wonderful asset, but we have decades of experience helping folks like you deal with the anger, resentment, and emotional distress that this process can bring about. That’s not to say we’re qualified experts in psychology, but any divorce attorney worth its salt is going to help you stay level-headed throughout this ordeal. That said, our team of lawyers will help wade through the applicable tax laws that could impact your assets, the nuances of the child custody laws that’ll determine your children’s livelihood, as well as the ramifications a divorce brings upon any real estate holdings you possibly share. Yes a law firm should know the law, but they must also have experience helping clients like you deal with these areas that overlap.

divorce and child custody lawyers in Frisco TX

Second, They Must Have Confidence Negotiating and Mediating a Lawsuit

The law firm that you hire needs to have a track record of success handling divorce cases of all sorts. This way, no matter what the particularities of your case may be, they’ll be ready and able to work with your spouse’s attorney to get what you fairly deserve. Negotiation is a sub-skill of being an attorney that only comes with time and experience. The best negotiators can see through the power plays and bluffs that another attorney may give us in order to take a lesser deal. We handle this through detailed and thorough preparation of your case so that no stone will unturned, and no surprises will lurk when it comes time to settle alimony, custody, or other issues regarding your lawsuit.

Third, a Lawyer Must Be Able To Communicate Clearly and Simply

The firm of Woods & Matlock take great pride in being able to understand exactly what it is that you’re going through. We strive to be a legal team of divorce and child custody lawyers in Frisco TX that’ll take whatever measure is necessary to communicate your needs and concerns during the negotiation phase. The more complete information we have at hand, the better we can talk to the opposite party’s counsel and settle the matter for good. If you like what have you heard thus far, and would like to enjoy the benefits that many others have before you, then please call us at 972-972-8820.