A divorce or separation can be emotionally taxing, especially for couples/partners with children who fail to agree on pertinent issues such as child custody. Woods & Matlock, P.C. are highly experienced child custody lawyers who can help you negotiate a fair custody arrangement. Here are some reasons why Texans engage our child custody lawyers:

We Help You Understand the Different Types of Child Custody

In Texas, custody is called “conservatorship” and there are three main types of conservatorship: sole managing, joint managing, and possessory conservatorship. Each type of conservatorship has different features and requirements. For instance, sole managing conservatorship (SMC) grants only one parent custody over a child/children. A joint managing conservatorship (JMC) awards custody to both parents. Since the regulations governing child custody in Texas are quite wide, you should hire our experienced lawyers to handle your child custody case.

Family Lawyer for Child Custody Frisco TX – We Help You Fight for Custody

Woods & Matlock, P.C. child custody lawyers can help you fight for custody if your partner has a history of violence, drug abuse, criminal activity, or neglect. In cases where these allegations are proven, judges typically give sole custody to the aggrieved parent, thereby protecting the parent and child from further abuse.

The Family Lawyer for Child Custody Frisco TX Residents Needing Mediation Want

Child custody cases do not necessarily have to be resolved in open court because Texas family law allows for mediation. The mediation process usually involves arranging a conference attended by the parties involved in a custody fight as well as an impartial mediator. Our child custody attorneys can arrange a mediation conference that is fair to all the parties involved in a divorce. Mediation is often the preferred method of resolving any disputes and settling a case.


If you are facing a tough custody battle, contact the Woods & Matlock, P.C. law firm today. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Texas conservatorships. Moreover, we can help you fight for custody or arrange a mediation conference.