attorney for child custody in Plano TX

Deciding what’s in the best interest of your children is often the most dreaded part of every case we’ve come upon. Not only are some of the laws favoring the mother or the father becoming outdated, but communicating with the spouse and their lawyer can slow down or complicate the whole process. So what any capable attorney for child custody in Plano TX will do first when they take your case is prepare you for court, and help you get the best answers to the following common questions…..

1. What Does The Court Look For During Such A Case?

The law can be complicated and overwhelming regarding child custody in even the simplest of cases, but every case boils down to just a few factors. First, the court will want to see how involved each parent has been in raising the child. Our team will work to get the entire story so we can present the facts as best as we can to the court. This will be further determined by the life of the parents regarding their work, social life, emotional stability, and so forth. The court will also want to see how well they’ll adjust to these new family arrangements, and what they may prefer if they’re of an age where they can make such a decision. There’s a lot of gray area we will sort through that’ll go beyond how financially capable either parent is.

2. What’s The Best Way to Work with the Other Parent?

We completely understand how delicate and tense some cases can become, and we want to make communication move as swiftly and amicably as possible when we take your case. The attorney for child custody in Plano, TX that you choose will be working with your spouse’s lawyer, but this doesn’t mean that you should cut off all contact with the other parent. The court actually looks down on any side who will not cooperate with the other. You’ll want to portray yourself in the best light possible, but you cannot lie about the circumstances your child will be put in after the case is done. The other parent is not going to disappear out of their child’s life in most cases so working with them is in your best interest too.

attorney for child custody in Plano TX

3. How Do They Determine Visitation Rights?

The best way to prepare for this part of the custody battle is to create a visitation schedule. This will help the court understand the matters we mentioned earlier like your emotional-financial stability, and will help the other parent’s lawyer determine how to work with your own expectations. Vacations, holidays, work, daycare, and even the child’s sleep schedule will help you both determine how much time the child will have to split between the two of you. However, like we said when we started this article, everyone’s expectations will differ in a custody battle, and you probably have even more questions we can’t answer here. So if you’d like to talk to an attorney for child custody in Plano, TX then please call Woods & Matlock at 972-972-8820.