How to use negotiation strategy in child custody case – part one

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It is often said those with a plan are the ones who succeed in life. In the same way, a solid negotiation plan helps center your approach in a divorce or child custody battle. A personal negotiation strategy makes all the difference in getting the best possible outcome when so many factors can influence your case. While your attorney will handle much of the negotiations in the courtroom, you’ll experience both formal and informal chances where strong negotiation and being prepared can give you an edge. Don’t blow it, read on to find out how to develop strong negotiation skills in our two part blog series.

The rationale

Having a negotiation strategy helps you avoid being ruled by your emotions. Your spouse and their attorney will try dishing out “red herrings”, small phrases meant to detract from negotiation in order to entrap you in an emotionally charged battle. Your job is to remain centered and grounded in the big picture you want to see for child custody.

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The methods to solid negotiation

  • Come to the table with a solid understanding of your own desires for the outcome of the case. Whether you’re seeking sole conservatorship or looking for a way to share custody, you need to have a clear picture of the outcome you want. Get very specific and write down your ideal situation before you start considering compromises.
  • Know your spouse’s wants. Knowing what you want but failing to consider where your ex will be coming from gives you a disadvantage in negotiation. It can make you inflexible and weak. See a counselor to help you discuss what you think your spouse will want as an outcome. When you have an ability to predict your spouse’s move, you’ll be more prepared to respond appropriately.
  • Find bargaining chips you can use to make your spouse think they are “winning” or getting something extra. When you know what your ex wants, you’ll be able to offer chips in negotiation.
  • Think of yourself as a peaceful warrior. In one hand you hold a spear, you’re proactive and standing up for what you think is best for your children. In the other, hold an olive branch. You don’t want to argue for the sake of argument, know when to keep quiet or offer a compromise you can accept.

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