There is nothing more unsettling than dealing with a family conflict. Our team at Woods & Matlock Divorce and Family Law Attorneys understands this and it is the reason why we offer expert family law services. Our clients best interest is ultimately our main priority and also the reason why we address each case based on its merit. We also understand that every client needs a solution that is tailored made to suit his or her unique needs. Our professional team of family law attorneys is board certified and each member has undergone various examinations and evaluations to comply with the high standards put forth by the State of Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Family Law Attorney Child Custody Frisco TX

Divorce cases with children involved ultimately come to the issue of child custody. It should be noted that there are no winners in a divorce or child custody battle. The ones that are affected the most are those that do not always have a say in the matter. The children experience trauma and have no control of what is happening to them. Our team at Woods & Matlock Divorce and Family Law Attorneys addresses these cases with compassion and sincerity. We do our best to make sure that these proceedings are concluded as thoroughly and swiftly as possible.

Texas Conservatorship Orders and Parental Rights

A parent may be awarded or appointed as “managing conservator” or possessory conservator” over a child, under the Texas Family code. If you are a possessory conservator, you will have less authority to make decisions as compared to the managing conservator who has more authority regarding the child and will have a greater influence over the child. Parents must understand that the best interest of the child must always be the focus of all discussions between them.