Family law is dedicated to issues related to all types of family situations. When a family needs to hire an attorney, it is often a stressful time. As trained professionals, domestic relations lawyers take the necessary steps to achieve the best possible outcome for all members of the family.

What is Family Law?

Also known as domestic relations law, this area encompasses many different legal situations. If you want to end your marriage or have a trial separation, a lawyer helps you through the process. If you want an annulment, you also need to hire legal representation. With divorce, there are many issues to resolve, such as spousal support or alimony, division of property, child custody, child support and child visitation. Family lawyers also help with domestic or international adoptions of a child or the hiring of a surrogate to carry your baby to term. The custody of frozen embryos is also covered under family law.

Why You Need an Attorney

The law is complicated. You should hire an experienced lawyer to represent you throughout any legal proceedings. You will need someone to answer your questions and help you understand what is happening and why.

A Lawyer Specializes in Family Law Dallas TX Residents Can Count On

There are many types of lawyers, but when you have a family issue that needs legal help, you need to hire a law firm that specializes in family legal matters. We have the expertise to work on your behalf. As specialists in family legal issues, we understand how the laws of Texas work so we can protect your rights.

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