Finding an attorney for child custody in McKinney TX can feel like a huge task. Knowing what you need in an attorney is very important. We’re here to help you understand what matters most to you in your upcoming case.


Getting along with your attorney is extremely important. This is the person that you will be confiding in for your upcoming legal hearings. Not being able to get along with your lawyer, or not trusting them, is a huge mistake. Always make sure that you feel that you can come to your legal representative with anything involving the case. If you don’t have a good feeling about them during your consultation, you should go with another lawyer.


An attorney being confident about your case is great, but overconfidence is not. Even the most experienced attorney knows that they can’t see the outcome of your case before it happens. If an attorney swears that your case is open and shut or that they will have no problem winning for you, be very cautious. An overly confident or boastful attorney is almost always a very bad thing for you in court.


Attorneys should be updating their clients with new and major information as it comes. A good lawyer won’t call to tell you that they filled every paper after they’ve done it. However, once a foothold has been made, they should contact you about where your case is at and take that time to inform you of what they’ve been doing. A lawyer that isn’t updating you might not be doing anything, and who wants that?

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