When you’re facing a divorce, having an experienced legal team working on your behalf is extremely important. At Woods & Matlock, we know how stressful and overwhelming this time can be for our clients. We’re here to help you through the divorce proceedings and ensure that your interests are protected throughout the entire process.

Do I Need Texas Family Lawyers in TX?

Many clients wonder if they actually need legal representation for their divorce. This is a common question, especially when both parties seem to be in agreement that their marriage is over and a divorce is the best option for both. However, even if you can agree on how assets should be divided, as well as important issues such as child custody and visitation, it’s still essential to make sure all legal matters are handle by an experienced lawyer.

When You’re Facing a Divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is a serious situation and both parties are often emotional during this time. An experienced lawyer will be able to guide you through the legal process while informing you of your rights and obligations under the law.

Whether it’s an amicable divorce or your spouse is uncooperative, knowing that you have a legal expert on your side can help you focus on the most important issues. The legal team at Woods & Matlock have successfully handled all types of divorce cases and are prepared to offer their experience and expertise to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Expert Help for Child Custody Issues

Another area of concern for many people is child custody. It’s vital to make sure that you have an experienced lawyer to help you settle any child custody disputes. Whether you’re in the process of a divorce or you want changes made to the original child custody arrangement, Texas family lawyers in TX can help you through the process.