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If you’re planning to divorce in Texas, there are seven reasons recognized by the state. Your reason must fall into one of these seven categories for a judge to grant you a divorce. Though it may seem archaic to need a reason for the courts, it is a part of the process in every state. When you decide to divorce, make sure you find a lawyer who specializes in family law in Dallas, TX. Our North Texas law firm, Woods & Matlock has three devoted attorneys, each with over three decades experience winning the best divorce outcomes for their clients. Here are the grounds for divorce under Texas family law codes 6.001 – 6.007.


  1. Insupportability – Disagreements and differences that cannot be resolved are forcing the marriage to end. This is considered a no-fault divorce reason, the rest below require one spouse to place blame on the other as grounds for divorce, so both parties must agree if you want to use this reason.
  2. Cruelty – If your spouse uses “cruel treatment toward you and you can no longer continue the marriage as a result.
  3. Adultery – When your spouse has cheated on you, and you wish for a divorce.
  4. Conviction of a felony – When your spouse is convicted of a felony crime in Texas during your marriage and must serve at least one year in prison as a result. Your spouse cannot receive a pardon or be convicted based on your court testimony for this reason to still apply.
  5. Confinement in a mental hospital – If your spouse has been confined in a state or private mental hospital for at least three years when you file your divorce and there is no sign your spouse’s mental disorder will get better or not relapse, the court will accept this reason.

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  1. Living apart – After at least three years, if you and your spouse have been separated and not living together, the state of Texas will grant a divorce.
  2. Abandonment – When your spouse left you for at least a year with no intention to come back, the court will consider their abandonment as grounds for divorce.


Don’t feel intimidated by this list of grounds, it’s an essential first start to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with to make a plan of action. Meeting with a lawyer and explaining the situation will help you determine which grounds to file for your divorce as well as establish the next steps in the process. We understand the emotional factors that go with this decision in addition to the complexities of Texas family law. Reading some more information online can get you started, but only an experienced lawyer can give you solid legal advice.

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