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If you’re pregnant while you’re filing for a Texas divorce, you need to plan on waiting for the child to be born before the judge will finalize your divorce. Even if the child is from a different person than your spouse, the judge will want to put a decision about the child’s residence and parental rights information into your divorce filing agreement.

While this probably comes as frustrating news, the good thing is you can proceed with much of the same process as you would in a normal divorce case as you get ready for a court date with the judge. Woods & Matlock can help you with a lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen, TX. All three of our attorneys come highly rated. Each has over three decades of experience practicing family law.

When you are pregnant during your divorce, you have a heavy and often emotional burden in splitting from your spouse as well as the physical and emotional process of maternity. This is a time to really choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and communicates clearly and consistently with you.

Start by meeting with a lawyer to get a feel for their approach to law. At our firm, Robert Matlock is known as one of the state’s forefront attorneys to practice and teach others the strategy of collaborative law and mediation. Mediation involves you and your lawyer working with your spouse and their attorney to come to agreement. When you know it’s going to be a difficult fight to reach consensus, you might want a lawyer with a more aggressive style of litigation. Kay Woods and Robert Matlock are attorneys who will take a negotiating stance to work things out with your spouse’s lawyer, but they know how to fight aggressively towards your goals.


lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen, TX


When you’re pregnant, your body won’t always be cooperative with you. There may be times just walking around the house is extremely taxing. With that in mind, one of the best things you can do to start your divorce wisely is totally assets. Find a time to walk around the house and write down every item you and your husband purchased together or received as a gift during your marriage.

Next, you’ll be able to sit down for most of this part. Get together a list of properties and their value, debts, investments, and bank accounts you share. Having a clear picture of marital assets will help you as we meet to discuss what’s most important to you and what you will negotiate with in your divorce.

As you think of your newborn’s future, you’ll also want to consider custody. Will you want a sole managing conservatorship or SMC to be fully in charge of your child’s wellbeing? Or, will you want to share in decisions and seek a joint custody situation.

The process of a divorce demands a good lawyer who specializes in family law in Allen, TX so call Woods & Matlock for a free brief phone consultation at 972-972-8820 today.