Whenever most of us hear of family law, the first thing that comes to our mind is divorce, child support, or child custody.  However, family law encompasses other disciplines. It is a daunting task to try and navigate yourself through child support, adoption, custody or other categories that fall under the family law. If this is your case, then, do not worry. Our dedicated team of divorce and family law attorneys Mckinney TX residents have been counting on for decades is at the forefront in providing solace to individuals in their times of need.

Our duties

When you are faced with a divorce or thinking about it, you need reliable legal information that will help you make the best decision possible. You will need a divorce attorney to help you with the legal facets. A divorce has and still is a very sensitive and personal affair. Therefore, you need a lawyer who you can trust. With the McKinney Family Law Firm of Woods & Matlock, you are assured of quality representation in seeking answers on what to do in any area of the family law.

  •    Pre-divorce advice

When you first meet with our team of competent attorneys, you will be provided with resourceful knowledge regarding divorce. This includes home rights, child custody, marital possessions, and other concerns.

  •    Paperwork

Once the divorce process gets initiated, our attorneys begin to prepare the divorce petition filing with the court. We also review your pension, insurance, business, real estate and financial documents.

  •    Professional assistance

In some instances, you may require the opinion of an expert. The experts are called upon during property appraisals, business evaluations, and child custody arrangements. We, the McKinney Family Law Firm of Woods & Matlock have the contact information for these professionals to get things moving quickly.

With our quality services and the desire to see our customers satisfied, clients in Rockwall, Collin, Denton, Dallas and the surrounding Counties depend on us for divorce and family law issues.

Do not let another moment go by; contact us now on 972-972-8820 and you can be certain that your case is in the right hands.