When a family is experiencing turmoil, we know it can be an especially painful time for both adults and children. If you are currently searching for a family lawyer for child custody Denton TX, look no further than the professionals at Woods & Matlock, P.C.

We fully understand that the realm of family law can be confusing and frustrating. It is precisely this reason that the experts on our team work diligently with clients to help them fully understand the issues surrounding their cases, and aggressively advocate on the client’s behalf.

Since we understand that difficulty within a family unit has the potential to harm a child emotionally, our attorneys will always explore the possibility of alternatives to litigation to include mediation and arbitration–which can sometimes be an easier option for children.

When couples who decide to divorce have children, they must then iron out a parenting plan that clearly outlines which party has custody or visitation rights of the child and when. We can help you to negotiate custody, either via an arbitration agreement or by a judge’s ruling in court. When this occurs, the custodial parent—the one in which the child lives with—will earn the legal right to make decisions on the child’s welfare, health, lifestyle, and education.

Rest assured that with more than 75 years of collective family law experience, our attorneys know when to be assertive and when to attempt to compromise. Our goal always is to reach a fair settlement that best serves the child (or children) at the root of the custody disagreement.

Child custody cases can understandably cause a parent to feel a nagging level of helplessness. Stop worrying, and give our office a call today at (972) 972-8820. We look forward to advocating fiercely for you and your child. We are here to help.