Family law is one of the most complex fields of practice in law as it affects the lives of members of the family, including children. Family attorneys, therefore, need to be not only accomplished, but also friendly, understanding and sensitive to the needs of the family. Some of the legal issues families face include; divorce, child custody, annulments, paternity, prenuptial agreements and domestic violence among others. Child custody is one of the most important legal issues as it directly affects the life of a child as well as the parents. If you would like to get or retain custody of your kids, you should hire the best family lawyer for child custody Denton TX residents have available to them. In that regard, there is no better law firm to represent your interests than Woods & Matlock, P.C.

About Woods, May & Matlock

We are the go-to law firm for anyone who is looking for a North Texas family law attorney. We offer cost effective, but reasonable, alternatives to litigation, including; arbitration, mediation and collaborative law. We understand that family issues are sensitive, so the best option is for both parties to discuss the issues and try to come to an agreement out of court. In case of child custody, our skilled attorneys will help both parties negotiate a shared custody arrangement, or sole custody with convenient visitation times for the other party. In addition to being a cost effective option, mediation will also help to ensure that the parents, or parties seeking custody, are in good speaking terms at the end of the process, which is good for the family.

Family Lawyer for Child Custody Denton TX

We have over 75 years of combined experience in the legal profession. Over the years, we have handled thousands of cases successfully. We are also certified specialists in family law, so you can expect the highest quality of service from our team. Call us today to discuss how you can get custody, retain custody or have the terms of the custody arrangement modified.