Woods & Matlock: The Family Lawyer for Child Custody Frisco TX Trusts

During a divorce, emotions run high and people say things they often do not mean and do things they would never, ever do out of sheer desperation. This is such a difficult time already… toss a child into the mix and the world that seems to be falling in around you just got even smaller and even more broken feeling – but it is in this time that you need to know more than ever before that you are not alone even when it feels like you are. You have the support of your family lawyer for child custody Frisco TX loves and who not only cares about your case but went into this field because they care more about the families behind them.

Negotiating, Caring, Listening

Your lawyer should be someone that you can really talk to and makes you feel comfortable sharing the intimate little details that make up this kind of case. That is exactly what Woods and Matlock provide. A listening ear with a caring heart combined with experienced negotiating skills, knowledge and the ability to have the judge understand your story, feel your pain and ultimately help you do what is best for your child.

As you journey through the difficulty of divorce, may you know that there is hope. That life goes on and if you just take it 15 minutes at a time, you will find that eventually you will stop needing to count and life will happen. Your heart will be mended and your family a different but still wonderful thing. From hearings to negotiating behind the scenes, we are the family lawyer for child custody Frisco TX trusts and we promise to live up to our reputation of excellence, helping you to feel comfortable, calm and collected… and most importantly, never alone.