Divorcing Under 30 in Texas

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Divorce is hard for anyone, but what do you need to know if you’re divorcing at a young age? In the United States, the trend of waiting longer to get married has been increasing for a long while. An estimate on the Dr. Phil show reported 60% of marriages of people under age 30 end in divorce.

Why is divorce so common for 20-somethings?

It’s a time in life when you’re still forming your identity. Since you’re starting a career or finishing college, many things can change in terms of priorities and goals. It’s also common to grow apart as you pursue different goals or find out more about each other’s personalities. Many young couples deciding to divorce are able to remain friends after their divorce. Other couples will have a bitter experience when their spouse wants to fight them to the end in a divorce.

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The Woods & Matlock firm have over 30 years of experience in family law cases. When you’re in a divorce or figuring out child custody, you need a specialist on your side as your family law attorney for child custody in Frisco, TX. Remember when it comes to legal advice, only an attorney familiar with your case should advise you. This article will help give you some basic expectations and guidelines but talk to a lawyer directly when you’re in the process of divorce, adoption, or child custody.

Starting the process

To begin your divorce, start with assets. You need to make a list of all joint marital assets. Anything you bought together during your marriage or were given as wedding gifts counts as an asset. Property, fine china, and even the sheets you sleep on are part of the assets you share. If a parent gave a financial gift to both of you, this would be a marital asset, but if it was given to just one of you, it can’t be included. Ask your lawyer to help you determine if a monetary sum could belong to both parties. Your joint assets also include stocks, investments, and bonds.

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Remember debt is also part of your shared assets. If you owe money on a credit card with both of your names or have a mortgage together, you need to include this information too. Don’t wait on logging into joint accounts, making an inventory around the house, and copying documents. Even if you are on good terms with your spouse, negotiations in a divorce can get messy and one party can really lose big time when the other has written everything down and they have no idea what was there. Start thinking about which assets are important to you and what agreements are fair. Talk to your lawyer to form a plan.

When children are involved

You’ll want to start making a plan about custody, or conservatorship of the children as it’s called in Texas. Think about if you want sole or joint conservatorship. Decide what kind of weekly parenting time schedule would work best for you and the kids. Do you think your spouse will stay in Texas and live nearby or move?
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