When there’s a need for divorce and family law attorneys Denton TX families can put their trust in Woods & Matlock, P.C. to handle all matters related to child custody and family law. Our law firm has received the 2016 Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and we have an excellent track record of mediation and arbitration concerning all related cases we’ve handled.

Our Family Law Practice

All of our staff lawyers have extensive experience and skills as litigators and negotiators, and one of our firm’s most effective specialty areas is collaborative law applied to divorce and child custody cases. Collaborative law provides a beneficial alternative to litigation because it involves both parties working together to arrive at the best possible plan for custody and visitation. Through a series of group meetings and mediation sessions, our attorneys will help find resolutions that will be in the children’s best interests following a finalized divorce.

Child Custody Cases

We have successfully resolved hundreds of child custody cases through the use of collaborative law proceedings. This option has proven less stressful and more productive than going to court for child custody hearings. It affords you more control over the decisions and outcomes regarding child custody and visitation rights for both parents. We’re able to examine each party’s individual situation and make the best recommendations for your children’s living arrangements and visitation schedules with the non-custodial parent.

We offer a brief no-cost consultations over the phone, and our attorneys are also available to answer basic questions via email about your case. When you’re ready to proceed with your child custody case, we offer a more comprehensive in-person consultation regarding the details of your divorce and prospective child custody arrangement. We can also answer any questions related to child financial support requirements. To schedule your consultation, give us a call today at (972) 972-8820.